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Story of the Month -October

a white book with a big red capital A a big blue capital B and a big yello capital C on the front
01 October 2022

Story of the Month – October

To help families celebrate the Essex Year of Reading every month we will be sharing a fabulous story video for families to share along with some activity ideas. 


This month’s story is A Fun ABC by written by Sade Fadipe and illustrated by Shedrach Ayalomeh

Watch the video now

You can  Borrow more fun ABC books from your local library.

Borrow more books from our Black History Month Booklist for Children

Then why not try one of these activity ideas

  • Draw a picture of your school or nursery
  • Do you have a bag for nursery? What sort of things are inside?
  • Go outside to the park and see what birds you can see
  • In the story they have dates as a snack, what is your favourite snack?
  • In the story they must fetch water from a well how is that different to how we get water?
  • The girl feels sad at the end of the story, what do you do when you are sad?
  • Find some leaves in the park and use them to decorate a cardboard crown.


Leaf Crown activity


  • Cardboard
  • Scissors
  • Leaves
  • Child friendly glue PVA or a stick glue
  • Stapler


  • Using the scissors cut a wide strip of cardboard to make a headband.
  • Make sure it is long enough to go around the child’s head.
  • Using the glue let your child stick the leaves on to the headband
  • Once the glue is dry staple the ends of the headband together to make a crown.


Alphabet Book


Why not make your own Alphabet book. This could be based on your family, your child’s nursery day or just things they like. Get creative with your children to explore sounds and objects.

Website for templates:


For more great ideas of activities to try with your young children check out the Talk Listen Cuddle website