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Meet the Gadgeteers!

Six children under a banner reading,
17 June 2022

Saturday 16 July – Saturday 3 September 2022

The Gadgeteers are coming to a library near you this summer. They’re also planning an epic summer party at their local community centre – and they’d love if children could help them, as they complete the Summer Reading Challenge.

Let’s meet them!


Leo is obsessed with music - he’s learning to play the drums with his older sister. He’s found a handy way to amplify the sound from his phone to provide music for the party. Leo loves reading poems.

Aisha, a girl on a skateboard.

Aisha loves sport, especially football and skateboarding. She’s teaching her friend to skateboard before the party and is making safety gear out of non-Newtonian fluid. Aisha likes listening to audiobooks.

James, a boy in a wheelchair waving.

James loves fashion and enjoys drawing. He’s helping people choose clothes for the party. What will his amazing hologram generator pick this time? James’ favourite books are adventure stories.


Eddie loves to play games and dance. Her problem solving skills come in handy at the party when she wants to use everyone’s cool dance moves to generate energy. What will happen if we put kinetic tiles on the dance floor? Eddie really enjoys reading about famous inventors.


Ajay knows a lot about gardening and the environment. He’s growing food for the party and has created a way to grow vegetables with very little soil. Ajay loves comics, manga, and graphic novels.

Maggie, a girl holding a mobile phone.


Maggie likes to cook tasty treats for her friends, and she hates wasting food. She wants to turn vegetable scraps into tasty treats for the party. She wears her sensory headphones when visiting new places or if things get too loud. Maggie loves fantasy books and sci-fi.

The Summer Reading Challenge runs from Saturday 16 July to Saturday 3 September in all Essex libraries and mobile libraries.

To take part, children will need their own library card, so if anyone in your family is not a library member pop down to your local library to join or join online now. 

The challenge for children is to read six books over the summer. As they do, they’ll collect stickers which will transform their poster to show how the Gadgeteers are using their skills to come up with amazing inventions for the party.

Children can read any library book of their choice; fiction, non-fiction, picture books or books they share with parents and carers – they all count.  The under threes are not forgotten with a special version of Gadgeteers just for them.  

The Summer Reading Challenge is delivered by libraries and produced by The Reading Agency. It is open to all children, free of charge.  

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