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Transgender-friendly library membership

Essex Libraries' membership card
07 July 2017

It’s now much easier to join the library if you are transgender or transitioning. We’ve also updated our approach to membership so that your details can be updated without fuss.

Customers now have more choice when selecting their preferred title. Feedback from customers indicated that we needed to offer a wider range of titles to meet their needs. This update to our systems means that in addition to the usual Mr, Mrs, Miss, etc. you can now choose from Per, Mx or prefer not to say. These options are not yet available if you join online but this is being worked on.

If you’d like to change the name on your library card it’s as simple as popping into your local library. It doesn’t matter if you no longer have ID in your old name, or don’t yet have ID in your new name. Staff will be happy to help and will update your information for you without ID.