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Summer Reading Challenge 2018 - the results are in!

Summer Reading Challenge 2018 logo
15 October 2018

Essex Libraries were the place to go for laughs and jokes over the summer as over 31,000 children took part in Mischief Makers – Summer Reading Challenge 2018.

A national partnership with ‘The Beano’ introduced a new generation to characters Dennis, Minnie and Gnasher, well known to grandparents and parents. Keen to receive their medal for completing the challenge children collected stickers to help them solve a mystery in Beanotown.

346,500 children’s books were borrowed from Essex Libraries during the summer and children gained confidence and critical literacy skills by sharing their reading adventures with library staff and nearly 500 volunteers.

Older children and young people joined in with a regional ImagiNation challenge and shared book reviews, creative writing and artworks inspired by their reading.