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Story of the Month - November

the page of a book with three owls on it with a woman overtop in the middle of signing a word
01 November 2022

To help families celebrate the Essex Year of Reading every month we will be sharing a fabulous story video for families to share along with some activity ideas.

This month’s story is from BookTrust and is 1.2.3. Do the Dinosaur by Michelle Robinson

Watch the video here

You can borrow more books about dinosaurs from your local library

Then why not try one of these activity ideas

  • Pretend to be a dinosaur and stomp and roar while out walking
  • Draw a picture of a stomping dinosaur
  • Sing a song about a dinosaur
  • Fancy footprints activity (see instructions below)
  • Dinosaur paper hats (see instructions below)
  • Press your foot into Play-Doh and make a dinosaur footprint
  • Tom was scared of the Tyrannosaurus Rex but he only wanted to join in the fun. Talk about why we get scared sometimes.


Fancy Footprints

There are endless ways to have some fun creating dinosaur tracks. Children can dip the feet of larger dinosaur toys in washable paints and print them on paper or they can simply press pre-made footprints in vibrant play dough to create some funky footprints..

For more ideas see follow the link to the KCS website

Dinosaur Paper Hats


  • 2 x A4 sheets of green cardboard
  • 2 x A4 sheets of green construction paper
  • scissors
  • glue
  • ruler
  • Pencil

Instructions (click link below)

Craft activity: How to make a paper dinosaur hat from the Kidspot website

For more great ideas of activities to try with your young children check out the Talk Listen Cuddle website