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Story of the Month - January

Rob Biddulph with his book, Dog Gone
12 January 2023

To help families celebrate the Essex Year of Reading every month we will be sharing a fabulous story video for families to share along with some activity ideas.

This month’s story is from BookTrust and is Dog Gone written by Rob Biddulph

Watch the video here

You can borrow more books about dogs from your local library

Then why not try one of these activity ideas

  • There were a lot of dogs at the park, how many different types of dogs were there?
  • Draw a picture of your favourite type of dog
  • Take a walk in the park and see how many different types of animals you can see
  • At the start of the story we see the pizza Teddy’s human likes to eat as a treat, what food do you eat as a treat?
  • Make a troll mask – see instructions below
  • Teddy’s human got lost in the park, what do can you do to make sure you don’t get lost?
  • The story tells us that the ‘troll’ was a kind person who helped Edward Pugglesworth find his human. How could you be kind to someone today?

Troll mask activity

Resources needed

  • Paper plate
  • Green paints or pencils
  • Red and white paper
  • Black felt tip pen
  • Child safe scissors
  • Child safe glue


  • Paint or colour the paper plate green.
  • Cut out horns from the red paper and glue them onto the top of the paper plate.
  • Cut two circles out of the white paper and draw a small black circle in each to represent the pupils
  • Glue the eyes onto the paper plate
  • Cut out a large circle for the mouth and with the black pen draw sharp teeth.
  • Fill in the black of the troll’s mouth.
  • Glue the mouth onto the paper plate.

For more great ideas of activities to try with your young children check out the Talk Listen Cuddle website.