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Story of the Month- August

A woman in a blue top holding an orange book with a cartoon boy and elephant on the front. she is surrounded by other books on a bookshelf
03 August 2022

To help families celebrate the Essex Year of Reading every month we will be sharing a fabulous story video for families to share along with some activity ideas.

This month’s story is from BookTrust  and is Elephant in my Kitchen written and read by Smriti Halls

Watch the video here

You can borrow other books about endangered animals from your local library

Then why not try one of these activity ideas

  • Use any toys you have to act out the story
  • Draw a picture of your wildest biscuit recipe
  • Make the noises of the animals in the story
  • Elephant toilet roll craft activity (see instructions below)
  • Elephant snack time (see instructions below)
  • Rafi talked to the animals about what was making him angry this helped him understand why the animals were in his home. How do you tell people you are angry?
  • At the end of the book there are loads of ideas to help save animal habitats, think of some ideas that you can do to help.


Elephant Toilet Roll Craft


  • Toilet paper roll or cardboard tube,
  • printer,
  • something to color with,
  • scissors,
  • glue,
  • paper

Instruction (click link below)

Elephant Toilet Paper Roll Craft from the dltk-kids website


Elephant Snack Time


  • Bread
  • Butter
  • Filling of choice (ham or turkey)
  • Bananas
  • Blueberries


  1. Butter slices of bread
  2. Choose filling and put onto bread
  3. Cut up 6 small pieces of banana for the trunk, 4 legs and tail
  4. Add a blueberry for the eye
  5. Lastly make the elephants ear by cutting a piece of ham or turkey into a triangle shape

For more great ideas of activities to try with your young children check out the Talk Listen Cuddle website