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Space Chase, Summer Reading Challenge 2019

Cartoon characters of the Rocket Family in Space Chase, Summer Reading Challenge 2019
11 July 2019

The Reading Agency and libraries are excited to introduce Space Chase, Summer Reading Challenge 2019; an out-of-this-world adventure inspired by the 50th anniversary of the first moon landing.

Space Chase runs in all Essex libraries from Saturday 20 July to Monday 2 September and all Mobile Libraries from Saturday 29 June.

Children are being asked to read six books to help our super space family, the Rockets, track down books nabbed by mischievous aliens! The aliens have been jumping from galaxy to galaxy, helping themselves to whatever they like. Now books have mysteriously started to vanish from the Moon Library and the Rockets are on the case.

As they read library books, children will solve clues and collect special stickers to complete their mission folder. After reading their books they earn their Space Chase certification and medal. Can they find the aliens in time to save the day?

Children can read any library book of their choice; fiction, non-fiction or picture books and Sensory Story Boxes, which they can share with parents and carers – they all count. The under threes are not forgotten with a special version of Space Chase just for them.

The Summer Reading Challenge is delivered by libraries and produced by The Reading Agency. It is open to all children, free of charge.

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