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Renew your items via our phone renewals line

two cartoon people on their phones with renew your library items via phone written above it
05 September 2022

You can now complete basic tasks with your library account via your phone, perfect for if you aren't connected to the internet or you're having trouble navigating your online account.

The phone line provides an automated service for customers wishing to renew existing loans, place reservations or review/update their personal account details. 

You will be asked to verify identity by using their 14 digit ticket number.


How do I use this service? 

To use this service call us on 0345 603 7628. 

You then need to press 1 at which point the line will ring before you are taken to an automated service.


You must listen to the library options and select '2'  for Essex libraries


Then press 3 to specify Essex libraries


Then press 2 for account options


You must then put in your library card number (starting in 20130..) followed by the hash key '#'

You will then be given the following options:  

  • Press 1 for renewals
  • Press 2 for your reservations
  • Press 3 for your account status
  • Press 4 for your reserves and loan items
  • Press 6 to record your own automated greeting
  • Press 7 to access someone else's account
  • Press star '*' to return to the previous menu

Option 1: Renewals

Press 1 to renew one item you have out on loan

Press 2 to renew all items you have out on loan

Press 4 to hear all items you have on loan 

Please note: you will need to know your book barcode in order to renew your item, this will be inside your book and start with 30130...

Option 2: Reservations

These are items you have reserved from our catalogue. Filled means they are waiting for collection and unfilled means they have yet to arrive. 

To hear your filled reserves press 4

To hear your unfilled reserves press 5


Option 3: Account Status

This tells you how many items you currently have out on loan as well as if there are any charges on your account. 


Option 4: Reserves and Loan Items

This option goes through the titles you currently have on loan, to renew the item mentioned press 1 and to continue to the next item press 6.


To return to the previous menu at any time press star '*' and if you are still having issues renewing your items or accessing your account information then please use an alternate way to get in touch.