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Libby from Overdrive update

Icon of Libby app logo showing cartoon girl reading a book
28 June 2021

Do you use Libby for e-magazines, e-books, e-comics or e-audio? If so, there are some important changes coming up that may affect you.

Later this week, Libby by Overdrive will fully integrate with our new Library Management System (LMS). This means you’ll be able to find all the Libby e-book, e-comic and e-audio titles on our library catalogue. You can download or reserve them directly and they will appear on your Libby bookshelf ready to read!

For some users, with older library cards that didn’t transfer to the new LMS, you will need to rejoin the library to continue using the Libby app.

Expired cards will also need to be reactivated to access the Libby service. If your card is due to expire soon just visit a library with proof of address to get it extended.

You will also need your library PIN as well as your card number to sign in to Libby.