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Harry Potter Book Night 2020

A young wizard with cloak and glasses holds a wand with a light at the end in front of bookshelves filled with old books.
24 January 2020

Harry Potter Book Night will soon be here. Once again wizards, witches and muggles across the country will celebrate the magical world of Harry Potter.

On the 6 February it will be the sixth annual Harry Potter Book Night. This year will celebrate the Triwizard Tournament, a test of a witch or wizards magical prowess, daring and powers of deduction. Each Tournament three champions face three challenges hoping to win the Triwizard Cup and eternal glory!

The only time there have been more than three champions was when Harry Potter was chosen as a fourth competitor. You can follow Harry’s dangerous attempt to win the Triwizard Tournament and enjoy all his adventures with your Essex library card. Reserve a Harry Potter book free on our catalogue now.

To experience more of the wizarding world grab your cloak and wand and head down to one of our Harry Potter Book Night events! Your young witches and wizards can test their Harry Potter knowledge and skills in activities, games and quizzes. Other spellbinding goings on include crafts, getting sorted by the sorting hat and selfies with a life size Harry Potter and Hermione Granger cardboard cut-outs.

Clacton Library will be at Jaywick Martello Tower for a special Harry Potter Book Night event with fun for 8 to 12 year olds.

So, dress up in your magical costumes and celebrate Harry Potter Book Night at one of our spellbinding events!