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Changes to the Essex/Southend Partnership

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08 February 2018

For a number of years Essex Libraries have worked closely with Southend Borough Libraries. Our joint arrangements have included purchasing stock, a shared catalogue and recruitment for volunteers for our summer reading programme.
Later this year Southend will be partnering a different group of libraries and we will no longer work with them in the same way. The main changes will be that we will have separate catalogues and stock. In addition it will only be possible to return items to the authority they were borrowed from.

From 5 February Essex and Thurrock customers will not be able to place a hold on Southend items.  Items belonging to Southend will not appear on the Essex and Thurrock catalogue after 5 March.
Library customers who have a location in Southend as their home library will have their account and personal information transferred to Southend Borough Libraries and will no longer be registered with Essex or Thurrock. All customers are encouraged to check their home library with staff to ensure that they have the correct location. Customers who wish to be a member of the service their account was not allocated to will need to register with that service as a new customer. Borrowing data will not be retained for customers who are transferred to Southend Borough Libraries.
Essex continues to value their link with Southend over the past 19 years and will continue to maintain a close working relationship.