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Bookstart: free resources for you and your preschool child

Contents of the Bookstart baby pack
21 October 2021

Sharing books or reading with your child, or grandchild, for a few minutes every day can be one of the best things you can do in the years before they start school. Many mums and dads start even earlier by singing and reading to their bump!  

To help with getting you started there are two free packs from Bookstart:

  • Bookstart Baby, for every child aged twelve months and under - in Essex, these are given to babies when their birth is registered
  • Bookstart Treasure, for children aged three to four years old - in Essex, these are given to children by their preschool setting.

If you feel your child may have missed out on their pack in the last few months, just pop into your library to ask for one.   

You could also help us by telling friends and relatives that their child’s pack is waiting for them to collect too. 

There are also packs for children with additional needs, so don’t forget to ask your gifter or your local library if you require these:

• Bookstart Star – SEND packs with tactile books and specialist advice
• Booktouch – for visually impaired children (Baby and Treasure versions)
• Bookshine – for deaf/hearing impaired children (Baby and Treasure versions)
• Dual Language picture books in a range of languages