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Bookstart Update

Contents of the Bookstart baby pack
12 June 2019

Essex Libraries has recently changed the way it delivers some of the Bookstart programme.

Previously the Bookstart Baby Pack was given out by Health Visitors at the 7-9 month development check. This has changed to the pack being given by Registrars when parents register a baby’s birth.

Because of the changeover some families may have missed out on receiving their free pack. If that is the case please ask for a Bookstart Baby Pack at your local library. If they do not have one in stock they will be able to order one for you.

Bookstart Treasure Packs will continue to be given out via pre-schools when children are 3 years old.

If your child does not attend a pre-school you can request a pack at your local library.

We’d also like to encourage childminders who look after 3 year olds to request Treasure Packs from their local library.

There are also packs for children with additional needs, so don’t forget to ask your gifter or your local library if you require these:

• Bookstart Star – SEND packs with tactile books and specialist advice
• Booktouch – for visually impaired children (Baby and Treasure versions)
• Bookshine – for deaf/hearing impaired children (Baby and Treasure versions)
• Dual Language picture books in a range of languages