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2 DVDs for the price of 1

popcorn exploding from a tub
14 December 2017

Christmas – a time for curling up in front of the box, sharing classic comedies, children’s films and a box set or two. Enjoy all those TV episodes you never got round to watching the first time.

Essex Libraries is doing its bit to increase your festive fun. Borrow two DVDs for the price of one from Monday 18 December to Sunday 7 January. That’s to say, £2 will get you 2 DVDs for a week.

As always, box sets cost the same to borrow as single DVDs. So you could have hours and hours of holiday viewing sorted for the price of a bar of chocolate*.

Find out what DVDs we have in stock by searching the catalogue.

*Bar of chocolate comparison – 200g of Dairy Milk at Tesco’s = £2 (usual price).