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10 library things to do for babies and toddlers

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08 March 2019

Visiting libraries with your baby or toddler is a great way to improve their social and communication skills. It’s also a wonderful opportunity to bond with them by sharing stories and rhymes. We’ve come up with 10 library things to do for babies and toddlers.


1 - Join the library

Joining the library is free and easy and can be done online or in person at any library in Essex. Find your local library now.


2 - Choose your first book to borrow

With hundreds of board books and picture books for your little one to choose from it’s easy to build storytime into every day. You can borrow up to 14 items at a time so you’ll always have a good book to share from breakfast to bedtime.


3 - Come to a Baby and Toddler Rhymetime

Baby and Toddler Rhymetimes happen in libraries right across the county. They’re a great way to introduce children to the library and help develop language and communication skills. They also give parents a chance to meet and chat with each other. Find a Baby and Toddler Rhymetime session near you.  Until in person Rhymetimes can start again in libraries check out the online Rhymetimes available on our YouTube Channel


4 - Borrow a starting school bag or book

Starting school can be a daunting experience but sharing a story is a great way to help. Borrowing our starting school bags or buying a starting school book pack is a great way to prepare. 


5 - Read With Me Under a Tree

Reading doesn’t have to be an indoor activity. Why not read in your garden, local park or outdoor community space? Take a book on an adventure with these family reading activities.


6 - Collect your free Bookstart Baby pack

You should have received your free Bookstart Baby pack from your Registrar when you registered your baby. If you didn’t you can pick one up from your local library. The pack contains two great books, rhymes to sing together and tips on sharing books with your baby.


7 - Find a book to help with a new experience

If your under 5 is about to experience something new, such as moving house, going on a sleepover or welcoming a new brother or sister, we have books that can help them. 


8 - Collect your free Bookstart Treasure pack

When your child is 3 they should receive a free Bookstart Treasure pack from their pre-school. If they don’t you can pick one up from your local library. The pack contains a free book and tips on sharing books with your pre-schooler.


9 - Take part in the Summer Reading Challenge

The Summer Reading Challenge encourages children of all ages to read and runs every summer in all Essex libraries. Younger children can join in too by sharing a story with a grown-up or older sibling.


10 - Supporting your child to develop their communication skills

Check out some great resources from one of our partners: Talk, Listen, Cuddle (TLC). This is a fantastic campaign to help parents and carers to give their children the best start in life by developing their communication skills through playful learning at home.


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