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Reading Well for Teens

Mindfulness resources

Navigating the world of mental health can be tricky as there’s lots of information out there. How do you know what sources you can trust?

At Essex Library Service we have collected a list of resources to help.

Reading Well for Teens

This scheme is aimed at young people aged 13 to 18.

Chosen by teenagers and health experts, the list contains a mixture of fiction and non-fiction titles and covers topics such as stress, anxiety, self-esteem, depression and body image.

View the booklist for Teens

 Listen to something

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NHS - Mental wellbeing audio guides

On this page you can listen to a series of mental wellbeing audio guides to help you boost your mood.

You can listen to them privately, in your own time, to help you through feelings such as anxiety or a low mood.

Listen to NHS- Mental wellbeing audio guides


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This is a podcast made for and by teens, focusing on mental health. Episodes focus on topics like insomnia, how sound affects everyday life, and social media and mental health.

Listen to MentalMusic 

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Dear Hank and John

The "Hank" and "John" in this case are, of course, Hank Green and John Green, brothers, authors, and YouTubers. (You may have heard about one of John's little novels, The Fault in Our Stars.) On their podcast, they answer questions like how to quit a job, how to find time to do little things, and can bees feel happiness and sadness. Although this is not specifically about mental wellbeing, at times it is good to listen to something that may take your mind off of things. 

Listen to Dear Hank and John 

The Only Way is Reading- Young Adult Special


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