Music scores and play sets


Choirs, ensembles and drama groups can borrow sets of music scores and play scripts for performances or private run-throughs.


There is an annual subscription charge for groups using the Performing Arts Service, which you can pay at your local library. There are also charges for each item or set you borrow.


Borrowing sets


Search the library catalogue for your chosen title. Or browse using these pre-set searches:

There are also single copies of music scores and plays, which are free of charge.


Submit your requirements via email to [email protected] or call us on 03330 138949.

We will notify you when your request arrives at your chosen library; please pay on collection. All loans are for 12 weeks; any sets kept beyond the agreed return date will be charged for a further loan period.


You can view the terms and conditions of the service.



  • Subscription - Essex groups/individuals: £19.41
  • Subscription - Groups/individuals outside Essex: £51.79
  • Plays - £12.91 per set. Unless otherwise specified, sets consist of one script for each cast member, and one for the director.
  • Vocal scores - £1.98 per copy (eg 10 copies cost £19.80). 
  • Vocal sheets - £12.91 per set, plus an extra £12.91 for each location we use to secure ther quantities required. These are smaller choral works, such as anthems and medleys. They are normally supplied in multiples of twenty.
  • Chamber music - £6.45 per set. Sets of music usually for between four and nine musicians.
  • Orchestral and band sets - £25.76 per set

Sets are specified by the composer or arranger. As a guideline, the normal string complement is eight first violin parts, six second violin, four viola, four cello and two bass for major symphonic works.

A full score will be provided unless a piano conductor is specified.