Find a book group


You can search for a book group near you or ask at your local library for more details. We support over 700 groups with a great choice of reads.


Start a book group

Register your group


By registering your group you:

  • are applying for a Book Group Card which gives you the option to order multiple copies of a chosen title which can be borrowed for up to three months
  • can choose to join the book group list which can be shared with other interested readers

You can complete a Book Group Registration form or go to your local library and tell them:

  • the name of your group
  • where and when you will meet
  • what quantity and format of books you will need (we may be able to supply large print or audio books)
  • the name and contact details of the organiser


Meet in your local library


Talk to library staff if your group would like to use a space in your local library.


Get ideas for what to read


You can subscribe to the book group e-newsletter for reading ideas and to keep up to date with other book groups in Essex.

You can request titles for your reading group using the Book Group Reading Choices form


Record of books on loan


We recommend you keep a log of which member has which copy of the books your group has on loan (using the barcode inside the book that starts 30130...).


Get ideas for book club questions


There are plenty of book club questions available at the back of books themselves, or online.


Share your book reviews


You can share your individual or group reviews with us by emailing [email protected]


Online Book Groups


If you’re looking for ways to continue your book group activities or are interested in setting up a new virtual group, these websites can help:

Watch one of our book group videos on YouTube for more tips and ideas.