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New Library Management System FAQs Page 3

Library services once Essex and Thurrock join The Library Consortium


When will I get full access to stock from across TLC?

There will be a period of approximately three to four months for customers and staff to get used to the new system, and then you will be able to place reservations on all titles on the catalogue, regardless of where they are in the consortium. At that point you will see a big increase in the choice of books and other lending materials available.


If I reserve an item from another library in the consortium how long will it take to arrive?

Our van drivers will be making regular visits to the central point of collection for the consortium and bring all items back to Essex. Those items will then be sorted as usual, ready for you to collect your reservation from your local library. This service will be monitored during the first few months, and, if necessary, we will adjust it to ensure your items don’t take too long to arrive.


Can I return items borrowed at other TLC libraries to libraries in Essex and Thurrock and vice versa?

In a few months, once Essex and Thurrock have fully integrated with TLC and are sharing stock then yes, this will be possible


What other new services will be available?

As well as renewing your items online or on the app we will be introducing a 24/7 automated telephone renewals line. Full details of this will be publicised once it is available.


How does it work if I use my library card in other TLC libraries?

If you borrow items directly from another TLC member you will be subject to their policies and procedures around loan periods, fees and charges.


Will I be able to use other services – such as computers and WiFi – in other TLC libraries?

You will be able to use PCs in all libraries and WiFi in most libraries, subject to their policies and procedures.


What happens if I am already a member of another library service within TLC?

You will no longer need two library cards and we encourage members to only have one card.  In this instance we would suggest keeping the card for the library service you use the most and shutting down your other membership, please speak to a member of staff if you wish to do this.


Will people from other libraries in the consortium be able to reserve Essex stock?

Yes. In the case of new Essex stock this will be after a set period of six weeks to ensure that Essex customers have priority access to new Essex stock. The system will always look to supply any reservations locally before looking to other libraries in the consortium.


If you can’t find the answer to your question there please contact us via our enquiry form.  

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