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New Library Management System FAQs Page 2

About the new LMS


How will the website change and will there be help to use the new services?

We will have a new look library catalogue.  There is a comprehensive help guide available by clicking the question mark on the top right of the catalogue page, and we have now produced a short video showing the main features of the new catalogue


Will I still be able to renew my items online?

Yes, you will. 


Will I have to get a new library card?

No, you will continue to use the same library card.


Will it change how long I can borrow items for?

No, all loan periods will remain the same.


Will it change how many items I can borrow?

You will still be able to borrow up to 14 books.


Will I be able to see what items I have borrowed before?

If you had this feature activated on the old LMS then 5 years of your borrowing history will have transferred across to the new LMS. If you want this feature activated going forward please speak to a member of staff the next time you visit your local library


Will I be able to see my reading lists?

Unfortunately, reading lists did not transfer across to the new LMS. You can now create new reading lists in the new LMS.   


Will I still be able to use the iguana library app?

No – this app no longer works so you will need to uninstall it.  Please download the My Library App for Android or iPhone and iPad and sign in with your library card number. Within the app you can check your account, place reservations, renew your items, link family accounts together and find your nearest library, along with its opening hours. The app also stores your barcode which you can use at the new kiosks in libraries. When you first go into the app please login to access the Essex Library Services profile, which will then let you see your nearest Essex library.   


Will I be able to link my family’s accounts together as I currently can in the iguana app?

Yes – this will be possible in the new app.


Are there any other changes?

  • You cannot place a reservation with a temporary card number (this is the number you are given if you join online). You can use BorrowBox and Overdrive for e-books and e-audio with a temporary card number. You can exchange a temporary card number for a permanent card number by visiting your local library. A permanent library card will give you access to the full range of library services
  • The maximum number of reservations possible on a customer account is 20
  • As long as they are not requested by someone else you can renew items up to 10 times
  • You can borrow and reserve e-books and e-audio from BorrowBox and Overdrive directly from the library catalogue


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