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Service update:

Following Government guidance for the roadmap out of lockdown, from today, Monday 12 April, all our libraries have reopened to the public with new opening times. Find out more

New Library Management System FAQs Page 2

Services during the changeover period


When will the changeover happen and how will this affect me?

The library catalogue and library app will be unavailable 6 – 21 April. During this time, you will not be able to:

  • Search for items
  • Place reservations
  • Check your account

Whilst you will not be able to place new reservations you will still be able to collect any reservations that you have previously been notified are available.


Will any of my existing reservations become available 6 - 21 April?

No reservations will become available during this time.


Will my existing reservations transfer across to the new LMS?

Yes, they will but please be aware that if you had any reservations on brand new items (that were not yet in stock) it will take a little while for those to reappear on your customer record. 


Will I still be able to use the e-library for e-books, e-audio, e-magazines, e-newspapers, and e-comics?


  • BorrowBox (for e-books and e-audio): The BorrowBox App will still be available for customers who have logged into it in the last 30 days. You will not be able to log into BorrowBox via the website and customers who have not previously used the app will be unable to until the new system is available. 
    UPDATE: We are aware that some customers are having trouble accessing the BorrowBox app. We have reported this to BorrowBox who are investigating. Apologies for any inconvenience.
  • RBDigital (for e-magazines, e-comics and e-audio): This service will be available until 12 April. After that our content will be moved across to Overdrive and their Libby app. Library members will still have access to the same e-magazine, e-comics and e-audio they will just need to download and log into the new app. More details can be found in our news item
  • PressReader (for e-newspapers and e-magazines): This service will still be available


Will I be able to join the library between 6 - 21 April?

You will be unable to join online but once libraries reopen on 12 April (subject to Government guidelines) you will be able to join at your local library.


Will I be able to use the library computers between 6 - 21 April?

Yes. Emergency computer use, by appointment, in some libraries will still be possible. Once libraries reopen on 12 April (subject to Government guidelines), customer computer use will be available in most libraries. Please check individual library pages for details of available services.


Will I be able to access other online services such as online learning and online reference materials?

Yes – access to most of these services will still be available.


When will libraries open again and when will all services be available? 

We hope to open all libraries from 12 April (subject to Government guidelines) and provide all services again from 22 April.                                                                              


When will I be able to log into my account again?

You will be able to log into your account once the new library catalogue is available, from 22 April. Please be aware it will take a little time for data from the offline period to be uploaded. Please don’t worry if your customer record is not immediately up to date for items you have borrowed/returned during the system downtime.


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