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Teacher's introduction

We are delighted that you have chosen to visit your local library and we are looking forward to welcoming you on the day. Before you come, please read the information below. This will help you to prepare and tell you more about what to expect during your visit.


Depending on the pack you have chosen, you may need to bring pencils and clipboards with you. Library staff may also ask you to think about dividing your class into groups beforehand. You may like to discuss with the children some possible questions they could ask during their visit.

As part of your visit, the children can borrow some books, although you will need to allow an extra 10 -15 minutes to do this. Library staff can send joining forms to school before your visit so that you can get parental approval for those children who don’t already have a library ticket. Check with the library whether staff issue the books out or whether a self-service system is used (called RFID). The RFID machines require a password which is usually the ticketholders date of birth (DD/MM/YY).

Booking library workshops 

To book a visit please contact your local library. The library will be able to give you details of their opening hours and location. If you need to change or cancel your visit for any reason, please let the library know as soon as possible.


Children will need to be supervised at all times. The library is a public space and you will need to remind your students to respect other visitors during their visit. Please ensure that your helpers have also been briefed about their role in the visit (see “Notes for accompanying adult helpers”) as everyone will be expected to participate in the session with the children.


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