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Risk Assessment notes

As a destination for school visits, libraries generally offer children a safe space. There are nevertheless, minor risks and hazards which should be considered. The table below highlights some potential risks to school parties and is intended to help teachers compile their own risk assessment.

Teachers are always welcome to visit their local library prior to the visit to help make their assessment.

Before you visit

  • Obtain parent consent if appropriate.
  • Find the required number of accompanying adults.
  • Consider if any of the children have special physical needs or medication. Let library staff know in advance so they can advise you on access issues.
  • Bring any relevant medication with you.


  • Consider road safety issues if the children are walking. This includes visibility, road crossings, uneven surfaces, steps, water hazards.
  • Consider where coaches or minibuses may drop off and pick up safely. Library staff may be able to advise you on this.

At the library

  • Moving floors – lifts or escalators may be a trip hazard or finger trap: Check with the library beforehand about the safest way to move around the building.
  • Large numbers of children may result in lack of control, noise, heat or trip hazards: Library staff will have created a suitable, safe space for your class.
  • Fire/emergency evacuation in an unfamiliar environment: Library staff will cover emergency procedures in their introduction.
  • Lost children: Children can identify library staff by their red and white name badges.
  • Minor injuries: We recommend that you bring a First Aid kit with you.
  • Theft of valuables: We recommend that children leave valuables at school and accompanying adults carry any valuables on their person.

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