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Guidelines for accompanying adult helpers

The helpers’ supervisory role during the visit is an important one and will help children get the most enjoyment and benefit from their visit to the library. It is helpful for the adults to have a brief idea of the content and purpose of the visit beforehand, so they can fully engage with the children when they are doing practical activities. The library staff will expect teachers and helpers to take part in all aspects of the visit with the children.

The activities are designed to encourage children to discover answers for themselves, so reassure your helpers that they don’t need to be experts in how the library works or on a specific subject.

We would recommend that helpers do not bring along younger children with them as this proves distracting for the class.

We hope your adults will enjoy their visit as much as the children. They will hopefully go away with a bit of new information about the variety of services libraries offer.

We hope that you and your students enjoy your visit and will come back to do other workshops with us very soon. Libraries are also always pleased to display children’s work, especially if it is as a result of a visit to the library.

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