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What’s This? A Seed’s Story by Caroline Mockford

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There’s a warm surprise at the end of this book which will give anyone who loves to share a big warm glow and a smile. A little girl, her marmalade cat and a garden bird work together to make it all happen.

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Now you’ve enjoyed a great book, try this:

in the great outdoors…

Grow a Sock!

  • Grab an old pair of socks and stick them over your child’s wellies.
  • Go for a walk outside on a dry day, through long grass (the sock will collect seeds as you walk).
  • When you get home, give your child a jam jar to put their sock in, help them cover the sock with soil and sprinkle with water.
  • Leave on the windowsill to grow.

and at home…

Make a Mosaic seed picture.

  • Help your child collect together seeds of all sorts of shapes, sizes and colour; rice, beans, bird seed, corn kernels, and sunflower seeds.
  • Get them to draw a picture on a piece of card, help them squeeze some glue on one part of the picture and place seeds on the glue.
  • They can cover the entire image with seeds or make their own abstract patterns and designs.


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