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Superworm by Julia Donaldson

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Superworm can do anything! He’s super strong, super long and is the animal kingdom’s hero. He can be your hero too – share his story anytime, anywhere.

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Now you’ve enjoyed a great book, try this:

in the great outdoors…

  • Meet your own Superworm by worm charming.
  • If you make a noise like a mole the worm will come out of the ground.
  • To do this you need to vibrate the ground.
  • You can stamp your feet, bang a drum, jump up and down or even tap sticks on the soil whilst singing!

and at home…

  • For a fun indoor worm activity, put some jelly worms in an ice-cube tray, letting them stick out of the top and sprawl over the edges.
  • Fill the tray with water and freeze.
  • Add the cubes to a clear drink and watch as children squeal with delight.

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