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Stuck by Oliver Jeffers

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Floyd has a problem. His kite is stuck in a tree. Floyd decides he can knock it out with something but that gets stuck too! Floyd’s way of getting his kite back will have you and your child chatting and laughing about Stuck long after you have closed the final page.

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Now you’ve enjoyed a great book, try this:

in the great outdoors…

Make your own kite together. You can find loads of different templates and designs online but the sled kite is one of the easiest to make and always flies!

You will need:

  • A plastic bin bag, paper or card to make a template, straws, long sticks (they need to be fairly straight) or dowels, string, strong tape and scissors
  • Look at the Kite Plans website for some pretty straightforward instructions. 
  • When you’ve made it take your kite outside to fly!

and at home…

  • Encourage your child to draw and colour a tree on a piece of card.
  • Cut out items from old magazines together and create your own version of Floyd’s tree.

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