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Stanley’s Stick by John Hegley

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This book will help you explore imaginary play with your child. What can a simple stick become; a whistle, or a dinosaur, a pen or a fishing rod? A stick can be any child’s magical outdoors toy!

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Now you’ve enjoyed a great book, try this:

in the great outdoors…

  • Each person finds a stick that is special to them.
  • How many ways of using that stick can you come up with?
  • What is your child’s favourite?
  • What is your favourite?
  • Why not see how high you can build a twig tower?

and at home…

  • Go for a walk, collect some sticks and create a family tree.
  • Peel off the bark at one end (using a vegetable peeler is best – and you could do this bit for your child).
  • Your child can draw a face onto the bare wood with a felt tipped pen. They can make twig faces for all your family.
  • Tie the sticks together with wool and hang in a special place.

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