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Off to the Park by Stephen Cheetham

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This delightful interactive book is great for children of all ages. With tactile and interactive elements follow a child’s journey to the park and all the fun they get up to when they arrive

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Now you’ve enjoyed a great book, try this:

in the great outdoors…

Take a walk to your local park as you travel talk about all the different textures you can feel, sounds you can hear, scents you can smell, things you can see and maybe the tastes of any treats you eat on the way home

and at home…

Make you own tactile book about your visit to the park! When you are on your walk to the park make a note of all the things you see and collect items that you could put into your own tactile book (twigs, leaves etc) and then when you get home write the story of your trip to the park – drawing pictures and adding items as you go.

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