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Kobo guide

If you have a Kobo Mini, Touch, Glo, Aura or Aura HD you can download e-books. If you have a Kobo Arc you can download both e-books and e-audio.

Please refer to the instructions for Android devices for more information on using the Kobo Arc.

It is not possible to listen to e-audio books on any Kobo model (other than the Kobo Arc).

Using BorrowBox for the first time

BorrowBox offers fiction and non-fiction e-books which can be downloaded via your computer and played on your device.

You will first need to install Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) on your computer to transfer library e-books to your Kobo. Having installed ADE, you will then need to authorise your computer in order to transfer e-books.

Borrowing e-books

  • To browse the BorrowBox catalogue, log in with your usual Essex Library card number and pin code.
  • Use the menu to browse for books or search for a particular title.
  • When you have selected a title, click on it for more information. You can then view a preview or borrow or reserve the item. When you borrow the item you can then download it to your computer by clicking on ‘download for eReader’.
  • To transfer items to your Kobo, open Adobe Digital Editions on your computer, go in to library view on the left of the screen and identify your device. Simply drag the book to your device.
  • You can borrow or reserve up to 7 e-books from BorrowBox for a period of 21 days, in addition to 14 physical items on your library card.
  • If you need more information on using BorrowBox, there is a very comprehensive help section which should answer any of the questions you may have. Please note: you need to be logged in to view the help pages. 


For more information on using Essex Libraries e-books or e-audiobooks use the feedback form, visit your local library, or call us on 0345 603 7628.